There are many things you can do around your home to increase energy efficiency and, in effect, reduce your household bills.

I’ve come up with a selection of environmentally friendly products that can improve energy efficiency, so reducing your carbon footprint helping you make all the difference to the way you live your life.


Save Water the Eco Way This Year

For the Lord your God is bringing you into a good land of flowing streams and pools of water, with springs that gush forth in the valleys and hills. Deuteronomy 8: 7 Some days it's hard to understand why saving water is important, especially in our climate here in Britain.  Despite our rainfall in summer, some areas of the UK experience water shortages, partly because we use (and waste) more of this precious commodity.


Type in TWAM on your browser, up will pop our website and you’ll get far more information than I can give you on this page.  Not all will have the computer necessary, so for their benefit I’ll give you an idea of what we do.
We exist to bring to the people, in the main, of Africa a helping hand to obtain work for themselves and their families.

Dear Friends At the time of writing two weeks have passed since our final morning service, and three weeks since the wonderful farewell party.

We are still waiting to be given a date for moving so this period of limbo has given us the chance to reflect on all that has happened, and also time to plan for the next home and stage of our life.

Bishop Peter Harvest MessageHelp sow the seed this Harvest

The presence of combine harvesters slowing my progress through the lanes of Somerset prompted me to remember the parable of the sower.  As we know, some seed was very effective; some less so, but all the seed did something because it was scattered around.  What would have happened if the sower had decided not to scatter the seed and just keep it in the basket or storehouse?  Not a lot, I suspect.

Deaf Church from a Hearing Person's perspective

Inspiring. Welcoming. Caring.  'Enthusiastic singing' and Signing.  Encouraging and challenging preaching.   I met Derek Boardman just 12 months ago at Holiday Club in Christ Church.  I had passed my BSL (British Sign Language) Level 2 but had not used it for a couple of years.  If you don't use it, you do lose it.  This made me quite nervous signing to Derek, but he was great.  Patient and encouraging, telling me about Deaf Church and that I would be welcome.