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We’d love to invite you and Mum, Dad and any brothers / sisters to this event on Sunday 20th July, 4-6pm at Christ Church WsM - It will be relaxed and fun and include a story about God.  We’ll finish with a buffet tea. If you are planning to come, or would like to know a bit more about the event, do call our church office weekday mornings on WsM 641016. It helps us to plan for numbers if have an idea who is coming – but feel free to just turn up on the day! If you would like to hear from us by email in future, please fill out the form here and say 'Email me about Fabulous Families!'

Text Prayer ChainThis page outlines guidelines for church members who have signed up for the Christ Church Text Prayer Chain.

The purpose of the text prayer chain is to pass prayer needs and related information around the congregation quickly and efficiently.  It is only available to our church members.   The existing telephone prayer chain will continue running concurrently with the new text prayer chain.

We would ask subscribers to respect the confidentiality of the service by not discussing the information received in texts with other people and by NOT forwarding the text messages to anyone else. TO SIGN UP

To join the Text Prayer Chain, please complete the form on the information desk at the back of church or speak to Sandra Crocker (707442) or Chris Cole (635012).


If you wish to cancel, you may text 9N6J7STOP to 60777 at anytime and you will be automatically removed from future messages.

It you have a technical query, please contact Chris Cole on 635012 or Andy Page on 517751.


To ask for a prayer need or praise item to go onto the Prayer Chain, please call Sandra Crocker on 707442.  There is not an automated way of submitting items at present.


This month's Missionary Focus is Chab Dai.

Chab Dai was setup in 2005 by Helen Sworn with the purpose of getting Christian agencies collaborating in their work surrounding trafficking and sexual exploitation in Cambodia.

Christ Church member Andy Page visited Helen and the team at their Chab Dai conference in May and has reported back to the church on his visit.  A copy of his presentation with links to the video clips is available here.

As I watched the 60 or more cold, wet and windswept parishioners arriving for the APCM, I was reminded of the old advert in which milkmen struggle through storms to deliver our doorstep pinta.  And our dedicated band of church members weren’t even being paid to come!  Inside the church was lovely and warm, courtesy we learned of a faulty heating control which currently can only be switched on fully or not at all.

We were treated to a whistle-stop tour of all aspects of church life, some familiar, others not:

  • Did you know that Christ Church is now on Facebook and Twitter or that if you put your news and prayer sheet down whilst having coffee after the service, you can read it on the church webpage?
  • Did you realise that three quarters of the 211 people on the electoral roll live outside the parish?  Wherever do they all park their cars?