Our Aims -

To bless Parents/Carers and the children in their care by providing a welcoming, safe and supportive group where they can meet, play and spend time in friendship with others in similar situations.

To show God's love in action through the service of a Christ centred team.

To gently teach God's word through Bible Stories, Craft, Songs and Prayers.  To be a signpost to other family events and services in our church.

What happens -

The first part of the session is a time for free play. We have different zones for Baby Toys, Home Corner, Art and Craft, Reading Area, Theme Area and Big Toys Zone!

We have a variety of toys including a slide, tent and tunnel, small ball pit, puzzles, construction toys, small world (such as Happy Land and Fisher Price Little People), role play toys and books to encourage all areas of development.  

We have an Art/Craft activity during the session, which is linked to the theme of the week.

A range of refreshments are available throughout the session in our Cafe area.

After tidy up time, we all come together to hear a story connected to our theme for the week and sing songs.

For more information contact

Nicky Boardman
Family Ministry Co-ordinator

Our group is now closed for the Summer Holidays - we hope you have a really good break and we'll see you again on 9th September for a new term of fun!

During the week of Prayer, we prayed 24-7 for our vacancy, the town, the Nation, world mission and our part in sharing the gospel message. Here are some of our ‘Expectations’ and ‘Feedback’ responses to the Prayer Room that ran for 5 days in the Spire Centre: EXPECTATIONS ‘To have time to think and reflect and learn new ways to meet with God and to have some 'God and Me' time in a new and different way.’
- - - - - - - - - -
'Learning to listen and be quiet instead of giving a long list of prayer requests.’
- - - - - - - - - -
‘A peace. Time to reflect. A special intimacy with God.’
- - - - - - - - - -
‘Receiving encouragement from God.’

Childrens Festival 2012The kids really enjoyed the Diocesan Childrens Festival!  They were so enthusiastic and well behaved, a real credit to our church. Donna and Tia created the banner for the procession and all the children had a chance to add their names and the odd design to it. They did art and craft, flags, music, dance, drama and quiet reflection at prayer stations – all Olympic themed.   Nicky Boardman

You may have noticed that at the back of Christ Church there have recently appeared some piles of little booklets enclosed within pink wrappers and boldly inscribed “FREE”.   These are, in fact, complete annual sets of “once-used”  Bible Reading schemes and are there thanks to  a number of current subscribers, who have donated their notes back for re-use.  Some sets have also been provided for Emmanuel church.

If you are not already in a scheme, do please have a look and select a set to try out.  Alternatively, if you would like to try a different scheme to the one you are using now, then the same applies to you.  Or, could you take a pack for a friend, to encourage them to take up regular Bible reading?  We are entering a very challenging time in the life of both churches.  Thankfully, we are advertising for a Vicar who ”believes in the authority of Scripture” and is “a gifted Bible teacher”.  Let’s hope that when that person comes, he or she will find congregations who are up to speed in their own grasp of what the Bible really does have to say in today’s world.

BCMBCM International UK: Reaching Children, Serving Churches

You might be familiar with the 10-40 Window but have you heard about the 4-14 Window?  About 85% of Christians across the world began to follow Jesus between the ages of 4 and 14.  With 2.2 billion children in the world, BCM International has made this strategic 4-14 Window the central focus of its ministry since beginning as the Bible Club Movement in 1936.  Now, as Bible Centred Ministries, BCM is committed to partnering with local churches and other like-minded organisations to disciple children and young people in God’s Word.

Through the ministry of our missionaries and volunteers, 1.2 million children around the world hear God’s Word each year in Bible Clubs and schools and we run Bible Camps in more than 20 countries.  Here in the UK our small team of missionaries aims to mobilise, train and assist local churches to teach children and young people the Bible so that they may come to know, love and obey God.

Progress is very slow at present as we are still waiting for quotes from builders for the new accessible toilet. We can report that we have a new boiler in the kitchen, at present providing all the hot water to the sinks and dishwasher.  It will eventually supply heating to the new radiators in all the toilets as well as replacing the old boiler which heats the present radiators in the downstairs hall. This old boiler, in the small store room, fitted in 1999, will be removed when new pipes have been installed from the new kitchen boiler.