So.  What’s in a name?

Nothing has changed, except the name perhaps.  The men’s group that meets 2.30pm on a Wednesday afternoon in The Spire Centre would like to be known as the Men’s Informal Discussion Group.

Why? Because that is what we are and that is what we do and always have done.

We just chat, talk, discuss informally.  What about?  Everything under the sun and beyond.  From putting the world aright to sharing our personal walk with God.  And everything in-between; cars, sport, politics.  You name it. Just talk.

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I’m sure that most of you know that we invite residents from this Residential Home to spend an afternoon in The Spire Centre once a month, but perhaps many will have no idea of how these afternoons are spent and I’ve been asked to write this article to put you in the picture. Our guests arrive and are taken home by taxi - the long tables have been set up with cloths and flowers and a ‘helper’ is at each end to enable easy conversation and help with the various activities. The afternoon always starts with a short prayer, bible reading and we are very fortunate to have Glenys with her keyboard for the hymns which are slotted between quizzes and a memory test.  (Sometimes it’s really difficult to get our guests to ‘remember’ but with help and persuasion from each of us we do succeed).

The Sworn Family

This year has been one of significant change in our family.   In August, Hannah moved back to the UK to begin studying for her A-Levels for the next 2 years at Weston College.  It has of course, been a huge adjustment re-entering UK society after having lived in Cambodia for 12 out of 16 years of her life!  Hannah is now living with Helen's mum who is also undergoing a culture shock, who at 78 years of age, has a 16 year old living with her! During August we were able to enjoy a family holiday in France and the first wedding of the next generation with Helen's niece being married.

Soon after, Trevor and Joel returned to Cambodia and Joel back to Hope School which was established more than 9 years ago (with Hannah as the first student!).  Joel is growing fast at 12 years old and is fascinated by geography, war games and cooking with his dad!



The Woodspring Talking News, founded in 1985, records all the main news from The Weston and Somerset Mercury and The North Somerset Times on to cassette tape and some 250 copies are sent to visually impaired people throughout the North Somerset area every week. In addition to the local news, information is also included from organisations such as Vision North Somerset, The Royal National Institute for the Blind and Action for Blind People, as well as advice about other audio cassettes that are available for the visually impaired.

Tips from the eco-group this month. With winter time quickly approaching again, its good to revisit, and think of these tips below.  Save your carbon footprint and help save Gods Creation. Loft insulation Insulating your loft is another simple way to save energy – you can even do it yourself.  If your loft is not insulated, you could be losing as much as 15% of your heating costs through the loft.  Look out for the insulation that consists of recycled materials.
A recommended thickness would be 270mm and more.