Life opened the door for the very first time on August 15th 2011 at 13 The Centre. They began with nothing except a conviction that our town needed to keep a Christian presence in the ‘High street’ and that God would supply all their needs. With the help of the George Muller Foundation (who own the building) and some second-hand books, they put their feet where their faith was.

Emmanuel Church and it’s relationship with the new space.

Since the new development of Dolphin Square became an actuality Emmanuel PCC have been excited about how the church building could be drawn into it.

In 1847 when the church was first built, it was for those who lived in that part of the town. As Dolphin Square and Carlton Street Car Park were created so the heart of the Church family disappeared being rehoused and relocated to other areas. The PCC were keen that with this new development the church be seen as a living, breathing part of the community, ready to welcome people in and offer space for community activities.

For years the organisation of church maintenance has been the responsibility of the wardens. They have carried out these duties on top of all of the other duties including having to be present at services and meetings.

Since the vacancy, the responsibilities and workload for the wardens have increased. One way in which we can spread this workload is for the management of church maintenance to be organised in such a way that more people can be drafted in to help.

We hope to compile a list of names, abilities and availabilities and scheduled workdays, so that if a particular problem or job arises, we can approach the right person to do the job. We already know of someone who has done a superb job of painting a rear external door!

Following our Cartoon Caption competition in December/January Link magazine, we are pleased to announce that John Hinchliffe came up with the winning caption – see cartoon below.

Well done John!

Caption Comp3









'Good news, I hear we may be out of here for Christmas'




First of all may I say a HUGE Thank-you to all who helped at the Christmas Fayre. It was a big fact we raised a record breaking £1785!!!!!!!!!!!

For the first time ever we had a queue waiting to come in and it was busy from then on (we even had a visit from John Penrose who had seen it advertised in paper)! Lunches were well attended but apologies to all those who missed out on the tomatoes (they had hidden themselves in the kitchen). All the stalls did really well and some even sold out. Once again thanks to all who helped in any way and to all who attended, lots of hard work but what a result!!

Christ Church and Emmanuel Weston-super-Mare Parish Profile January 2012Our joint parish of Christ Church and Emmanuel Weston-super-Mare is in a Vacancy period at present.

Representatives of the two PCC's have put together a document called a Parish Profile.  It describes the parishes, the services, the needs and the aspirations that we have for the future.  The purpose of the document is to guide would be applicants as they think and pray about applying for the Vicar post.

An advert is being placed in national press, on the Diocese of Bath and Wells website and here in the New Year.  The closing date for applications will be January 27th 2012 at 1pm.

The Parish Profile is available to download here now.

Click here for the advert.