No 2. April 2015

Solar panels: The Milsom experience.

David and Jane have fitted solar panels to their new home.  David tells us how they are liking it.

‘Why Solar?
I have always been interested in solar energy, but until we moved house last year, it was not possible. Last summer, I began to reconsider, and after some investigation, we made the decision to go ahead.

Many people think that the roof must be south facing, but this is not strictly true, and the 16 panels on the house are divided between 3 roof pitches which face roughly east, south and west, so electricity generation is spread through the day.

The panels are linked to run the immersion heater and appliances. Excess energy is fed into the National Grid, so not, only do we use less metered energy, but we also get paid for the exported energy.

Unsurprisingly, I have found a sudden interest in the weather and the amount of daily sunshine. (the recent eclipse had a very interesting effect) Generated electricity is checked by a computer link, and daily, weekly and monthly comparisons are possible. When the sun shines I am happy!’