No 3. July 2015

Saved by Grace.

Grace Sodzi is determined to prove that recycling is anything but rubbish. Here she explains graciefullymade – the gift company with a difference.

‘graciefullymade is a gift company that uses a mixture of new and recycled materials to make handmade gifts that are meaningful, quirky and original.

Whether through the use of train tickets as gift labels, newspaper as wrapping paper or the upcycling of old Ordanance Survey maps into notebooks, I’m determined to prove that recycling is anything but rubbish! The origins of a gift come into being upon the wanderings of the mind as to what objects lying around the house can be reused and made into a thing of beauty rather than that of a wasteland. It’s this very feature of the gifts that gives them their original touch, with no one being quite like the other, planting in potential customers an intrigue and fascination with what can be done with ‘rubbish.’ I hope this intrigue planted in customers inspires them to upcycle themselves and to use their own creativity to create positive change.’

July’s Manna magazine .

This issue  will concentrate on the environment.  Christ Church could get a mention so pick up a copy.