Welcome to

Youth Church!

The whole church family starts off together and after we have heard God speaking to us from the Bible our younger members move into Youth Church where there are groups for ages 0 - 18.  We are committed to ALL CHURCH LEARNING which means that everybody in our church family is learning from the same passage of the Bible in a way that's accessible for them!

Youth Church runs every Sunday morning except on
1st Sunday of the month when we all worship together at our 'All Together Service'

We welcome ALL children! (with church background or none)

Our Groups -

THE SEEDLINGS ~ 0 to 5 years old (School Year - FS2/Reception)

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In this group, we are sowing the seeds and helping our youngest children as they take their first steps of faith.  We enjoy Bible stories, craft, play and songs! Parents/Carers can stay with their children or leave them with the team.  






THE GREENHOUSE ~ 6 to 11 years old (School Year 1 - 6)


As our Seedlings move up into The Greenhouse we aim to create an environment where faith can grow and they can explore the Christian life for themselves.  We enjoy exploring the Bible together, games, crafts, drama, debates and sharing time with our friends!



THE VINEYARD ~ 11/12 Years Old + (School Year 7+)


Once the children leave the Greenhouse, they move into the Vineyard where in a relaxed atmosphere our young people are encouraged to explore the morning's Bible passage and its relevance for them today.

On the 2nd Sunday of the month, as a group, we sit together with the adults to listen to the sermon and then come out to our group to discuss it. 


Evening Groups for Youth -

MEETING POINT ~ Teens in Year 9+

New date and time..... MORE INFORMATION COMING SOON!!

 Speak to Hayley Brydges (Youth Worker) for more information!