Dear Friends I think we all must agree, however much we might want it not to be true, that nothing ever stays the same.

Geoff HazelAs I look at the pictures of my predecessors on the wall near the main door, I know that none of them would recognise Christ Church in its present form.  Some of them wouldn’t recognise the shape of the outside due to early additions and extensions.

All but one, would certainly not recognise the inside or the creation of the Spire Centre.  None of them would be familiar with our current style and format of services, or the music we use or absence of the pulpit or robes.

The pattern will no doubt continue, because it must.

Adapting to change is the challenge to everyone, and not only in a Christian context.  Some changes we like, others we don’t.  Said a bishop to a long serving churchwarden.  “In your 50 years you must have seen a lot of changes.”  Came the reply, “Yes bishop, and I’ve opposed every one of them!”

Has it ever occurred to you that we are so rarely these days surprised by the unexpected?

Everything is usually so well planned in our busy lives.  There is little time for making space for the unexpected.  It often follows that the only unexpected things are health issues which rise up and force themselves into our daily lives and night time worries.

I would suggest that for all of us, there is the potential to be surprised by good unexpected things.

Dolphin Square Redevelopment PlanI want to try and give you a flavour of some developments taking place in town which affect Emmanuel and the ministry there.   This information will be just as new to some folk at Emmanuel as it will be to Christ Church. Dolphin Square (at long last) is going to be demolished and re-developed.   I don’t know all the details of the scheme, but the necessary planning permissions will be considered at a meeting on April 7th.  I would be surprised if there are any problems with that.   The point which interests us is that half of Union Street, which divides the church from Dolphin Square is to be pedestrianised and the scheme looks attractive.

This is my first Blog article on the revamped Christ Church Website.

May I firstly thank those who have worked hard to bring this new site into fruition.  We look forward to seeing the many benefits of this internet technology.

I almost feel that I need to apologise that there is a chunk on finance in the magazine (and on our website news page), but in fact, it is something which is vital in both a practical and spiritual sense, so please read and respond as the Lord leads. I have been drawn recently to consider in the Scriptures, the way that Jesus responds to requests for help, especially when it comes to physical healing.