Dolphin Square Redevelopment PlanI want to try and give you a flavour of some developments taking place in town which affect Emmanuel and the ministry there.   This information will be just as new to some folk at Emmanuel as it will be to Christ Church. Dolphin Square (at long last) is going to be demolished and re-developed.   I don’t know all the details of the scheme, but the necessary planning permissions will be considered at a meeting on April 7th.  I would be surprised if there are any problems with that.   The point which interests us is that half of Union Street, which divides the church from Dolphin Square is to be pedestrianised and the scheme looks attractive.

However, the Diocese, their advisers, our architect and the P.C.C. at Emmanuel feel that an opportunity has been missed to include the church area into the pedestrian scheme.  By simply removing some walls and continuing the same paving with some seating and planting could radically improve the area and the church grounds.   We have already had some long meetings with all the parties involved, and whilst the outline scheme has been very well received, the question, as always is who is to pay.  The green area around the church is the largest in the vicinity and anything that might encourage others to use it would be a step forward.   The church buildings are already extensively used during the week, and so forming a more positive link with the public by integrating the two areas can only serve to break down barriers real or imagined, and create spaces for creative thinking in the future.  Our role please is to give prayer support, that a way may be found financially to bring this about.