Dear Friends I think we all must agree, however much we might want it not to be true, that nothing ever stays the same.

Geoff HazelAs I look at the pictures of my predecessors on the wall near the main door, I know that none of them would recognise Christ Church in its present form.  Some of them wouldn’t recognise the shape of the outside due to early additions and extensions.

All but one, would certainly not recognise the inside or the creation of the Spire Centre.  None of them would be familiar with our current style and format of services, or the music we use or absence of the pulpit or robes.

The pattern will no doubt continue, because it must.

Adapting to change is the challenge to everyone, and not only in a Christian context.  Some changes we like, others we don’t.  Said a bishop to a long serving churchwarden.  “In your 50 years you must have seen a lot of changes.”  Came the reply, “Yes bishop, and I’ve opposed every one of them!”


Entering a vacancy is a change.  The secret to a successful journey through this period is a united P.C.C. and a congregation supporting them in prayer and a willingness to help as opportunities arise.

You have a wonderful team of people in various leadership roles, and with the Lord’s help, they will do their best to maintain the Gospel ministry across the age groups.  I encourage you to sense the excitement of what lies ahead.

For me, this is my last blog for the website.  I have written quite a few as you can imagine, and it only remains to see what history will make of this series during the life of a Christian fellowship over 25 years.

Hopefully, readers in the future will look back and as they read, catch a glimpse of our faithfulness to the Gospel, our acknowledgement of the authority of Scripture and our message of hope through Gods love in Jesus.

So, from Hazel and myself, we wish you Every Blessing to lead you on in your journey of faith.

Geoff and Hazel