The School Cross PictureWhilst walking through the hall at school past all the colourful displays of children’s work I stopped to take in this wonderful cross.

I paused to thank God for the wonderful Christian witness the children of Christ Church Primary School experience everyday.  How fantastic that they sit at the foot of this cross daily during their services and can take in the message that is displayed so prominently in their school. Jesus taught us to love one another so in our school we value …

… Wisdom, Hope, Compassion, Humility, Thankfulness,
Trust, Forgiveness, Fellowship, Endurance, Creation,
Peace, Friendship, Reverence and Justice

Let us take up God’s invitation to live life courageously

When my children were much younger they couldn’t work out why it wasn’t possible to have Shrove Tuesday, Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday all in the same week!  I have to say there were moments in my time as a Parish Priest when I wished that could have been the case. But think what I might have missed.  Those forty days of Lent are when we’re invited to pay attention to the things of God within us and around us because so often in the rest of the year we don’t.  We are all familiar with the story of Moses and the burning bush, but reflect on it again just for a moment. 

Our God is really great, almighty, and His work in our life is incredible and wonderful.  He’ll always do the best things in our lives for He truly loves us. Even though many things are impossible in our lives, He makes them possible for nothing’s impossible with Him.  He is the only one in whom we can put our faith for He is the only righteous and faithful God. Each of us has their own dreams, ambitions and wishes, I, too, have some, and some have come true by the grace of our Lord.  My ambition is to be a doctor and by the grace of our Lord and my Mum and Dad’s love and support, it is coming true.  I also had a great wish to see them and that came true when they came to visit Nepal last year.  In the same way, I wished to see a first world nation and that also came true when they invited me to come to UK.  It was all possible by the grace of our Lord and Mum and Dad’s love for me.  I’m really very grateful to them and to our Lord as well for everything.

Dr Felicity MussellI got back to Lamb Hospital on November 15th, after my trip to India with my colleague Dr. Kris Prenger and 2 of her  sisters.  We had a great time visiting the Taj Mahal, and many other forts, palaces and places of interest! My flight from Delhi to Dhaka was delayed by 3 hours, and the following day there was a “hartal” in Bangladesh (a sort of strike where there is no transport  - it is a sort of political protest called by the opposition party), so we could not travel to Lamb that day.  It did give me a chance to do a few things in Dhaka! I’ve now been back at Lamb for nearly 2 months, and am continuing to settle back in and adjust to the various changes that have occurred while I was away on Home Assignment.   Perhaps the biggest change for me personally is where I now live.  The little house where I lived for 10 years was knocked down while I was in UK (it was old and needed to come down), but sadly there is as yet no sign of the new building that is due to be erected on the same site.   Currently I have a room in a house which is shared by 4 single ladies, one of whom has just returned to Australia permanently, so I shall be moving to her room shortly.

So.  What’s in a name?

Nothing has changed, except the name perhaps.  The men’s group that meets 2.30pm on a Wednesday afternoon in The Spire Centre would like to be known as the Men’s Informal Discussion Group.

Why? Because that is what we are and that is what we do and always have done.

We just chat, talk, discuss informally.  What about?  Everything under the sun and beyond.  From putting the world aright to sharing our personal walk with God.  And everything in-between; cars, sport, politics.  You name it. Just talk.

The Sworn Family

This year has been one of significant change in our family.   In August, Hannah moved back to the UK to begin studying for her A-Levels for the next 2 years at Weston College.  It has of course, been a huge adjustment re-entering UK society after having lived in Cambodia for 12 out of 16 years of her life!  Hannah is now living with Helen's mum who is also undergoing a culture shock, who at 78 years of age, has a 16 year old living with her! During August we were able to enjoy a family holiday in France and the first wedding of the next generation with Helen's niece being married.

Soon after, Trevor and Joel returned to Cambodia and Joel back to Hope School which was established more than 9 years ago (with Hannah as the first student!).  Joel is growing fast at 12 years old and is fascinated by geography, war games and cooking with his dad!