The Woodspring Talking News, founded in 1985, records all the main news from The Weston and Somerset Mercury and The North Somerset Times on to cassette tape and some 250 copies are sent to visually impaired people throughout the North Somerset area every week. In addition to the local news, information is also included from organisations such as Vision North Somerset, The Royal National Institute for the Blind and Action for Blind People, as well as advice about other audio cassettes that are available for the visually impaired.

Tips from the eco-group this month. With winter time quickly approaching again, its good to revisit, and think of these tips below.  Save your carbon footprint and help save Gods Creation. Loft insulation Insulating your loft is another simple way to save energy – you can even do it yourself.  If your loft is not insulated, you could be losing as much as 15% of your heating costs through the loft.  Look out for the insulation that consists of recycled materials.
A recommended thickness would be 270mm and more.

10.10.10 - let’s act on poverty - +Peter Bath and Wells 8.9.10 that is the date on which I am writing this article.  “So what?”  You might think.  “What’s in a date?”  Well, some dates are more significant than others. Take 9.11 for example.  Even though the date order is American, we know it refers to the time in 2001 when the Twin Towers were destroyed in New York with some 3,000 fatalities. Next year will begin 1.1.11 but there is a date this year that is symmetrical too, 10.10.10.  On this date we are being encouraged to meet the Micah Challenge in some way.  The Micah Challenge is to encourage people and organisations to make promises to get on board with anti- poverty action, to pray and act to end poverty in our world.  The Archbishop of Canterbury is supporting this, and has said, that ‘When God tells us to remember the poor he is not simply asking us to give them a thought from time to time.  Remembrance in the Bible is a very real and active thing.’

A PILGRIMAGE TO THE OBERAMMERGAU PASSION PLAY AND AUSTRIA, JULY 2010 In the summer of 2008, Meg and I were delighted to find that there were spaces available for this pilgrimage with our Bishop, Peter Price.  It was an opportunity for Meg to invite her friend, Juliet, to share with her, and Sue Cannock, of Christ Church, to share with me.

We went up to Wells in May this year to meet together with the Bishop and most of the other 46 who would be making up the group, mostly from the Diocese, and found that Liz Green, who goes to St. Paul’s Church, was also going.

The pilgrimage was being organised by a company called McCabe, whose reps were at this afternoon tea to talk to us and answer any queries.  It seemed a long time since we had booked!