Deaf Church from a Hearing Person's perspective

Inspiring. Welcoming. Caring.  'Enthusiastic singing' and Signing.  Encouraging and challenging preaching.   I met Derek Boardman just 12 months ago at Holiday Club in Christ Church.  I had passed my BSL (British Sign Language) Level 2 but had not used it for a couple of years.  If you don't use it, you do lose it.  This made me quite nervous signing to Derek, but he was great.  Patient and encouraging, telling me about Deaf Church and that I would be welcome. 

For many years deaf people in and around Weston-Super-Mare have attended monthly services at Emmanuel Church.

I have been part of the set-up since becoming the Diocesan Chaplain among the Deaf in March 2006.  At that time, services were held monthly on Saturdays at 4.30pm.  Since Easter Day 2007 services have been held on the second Sunday of every month at 3pm.  Afternoon tea follows each service and is a time of social interaction, as well as enjoyment of the food!

We would like to introduce you to “Life”!

“Life” is the name of Weston’s new independent Christian bookshop, it is located at 13 The Centre where Living Oasis and Wesley Owen were previously. Here at “Life” we will aim to be more than a book shop. Yes we will be selling books, cards and gifts, as well as daily readings etc. But this is not our only purpose.

Jessie Liu shares her experience of finding faith in Jesus Christ..

I was on my way to the school canteen to have lunch with one of my female colleagues and fellow invigilators of the examinations.  On our way to the canteen, we chatted freely while a female student was walking beside us.
“For what purpose to you think human beings come to the world?” I asked. “For suffering,” My colleague answered.

A Framework for Generosity

There is no shortage of biblical material on giving, with over 2,300 verses in the Bible on money, wealth and possessions.  Jesus talked about it frequently, and over one-third of his parables relate to these topics.  This material suggests generous giving should be:

Street PastorsWe need you!

Weston Street Pastors are starting a new schedule of training for those who would like to become a Street Pastor. These sessions will start on Saturday 1st October, and will involve 1 day (in this case Saturday’s) per week for 6 weeks. Many subjects are covered by specialists in their fields such as: the Good News, Drug & Alcohol Abuse, Youth Culture, Knowing our Community etc.