Mary Passey...Mary Passey

Earlier this year I retired after working 57 years as a trained nurse.  I felt I had done my bit for Queen and country - as the old saying goes.

I knew I must retire at sometime and I was looking forward to having a little bit of time for myself - but I also prayed - “Lord keep me working, don’t let me be idle”.  Two days later I had a phone call from Meg asking if I would consider being church warden again.  I had been church warden for 11 years previously and had had two years off.  My prayer had been answered.  And I have never been busier.

Monday morning 6.30am.  Up and about - I have always been an early riser.  After breakfast I meet up with a friend for a quick coffee and chat.  Then into church and set up for the community café in our church hall.  We open up about 10.45am until 1pm.  We serve coffee, tea, biscuits and we have served some lunches.  We are trying hard to build up this coffee morning.

We clear away at 1pm and then I grab a sandwich and a quick shop if I need to - we are always running out of toilet rolls in our church toilets if I don’t keep an eye on it.  Then it’s off to meet up with Meg and Dina to take a small service into three of the nursing homes in Neva Road.  We start about 2.30pm.  Sometimes they can join in, another time it doesn't go so well.  I usually get home about 4pm.

It’s time to organise tea and check any emails and answer them.  I have learned how to use a computer since I retired - which I never thought I would.
I do try to have a quiet time to have a quick look at Hebrews before I am out again 7.45pm to pick up another member of Emmanuel to be at our home group for 8pm.  And I do enjoy that time with the home group although it does stretch the brain studying Hebrews.

I usually get home about 10.20pm and I am really ready for bed.

Since retiring I have joined the Tuesday group for Parish Prayers.  I help with the Wednesday Morning Communion Service.  Then I follow on with Prayer for Street Pastors.  There are various meetings to attend especially at this time with the Dolphin Square development and then the changes to our toilet and disabled toilet.

I also enjoy swimming which I try to fit in when I can.

So I have found you don’t actually retire - you just change direction.  My days could not be fuller.  Perhaps we should be careful what we wish for.

The Lord is certainly keeping me working. Mary Passey