Jane MilsomA DAY IN THE LIFE OF . . . . . .

Jane Milsom Or 'is there a Troll in the toilet??!'

This sub-title came to mind after hearing the noise coming from one of the Spire Centre toilets and it occurred to me that problems like this or questions about maintenance are very much part of my daily routine.  I have also been known to take my umbrella and stand in the pouring rain, looking for leaks from the new gutters!  But it’s variety and no-one could ever say that my day is not varied.

I often start my day checking the buildings - maybe opening up the Vestry for use later in the day, or the Sound Room if Toddlers are in, (they use it to make announcements & to be heard above the many Mums & children chatting etc)  or on a Friday, putting out the numerous bits & pieces of recycling!


I find it amazing that when the Spire Centre was being planned, I saw the office plans & I remember saying “What a fabulous place for the Office”  It really is ideally placed to meet and greet the people who visit our church buildings during the week.  Many of you already know how busy the church is during the week, but for those who don’t, let me give you an insight to the daytime use in the week: Pre-School use Room 3 every morning, and they currently have 30 children each day.  So that means upwards of 60 people waiting in the lobby area at either 9 am to go in or at 12 noon to collect.  It’s a perfect opportunity to pass the time of day, have a little chat with worrying/upset parents (maybe a child has gone in crying), and I also like to leave leaflets/magazines on the shelf outside the office so that they are available to them as they sit and wait. Little Inspirations Toddler Groups use the church for 3 sessions on Tuesdays & Wednesdays.  What an outreach opportunity that is with over 150 families on the books! Another opportunity to chat with parents as they use the facilities.

There are, also our own church groups, such as Women’s Fellowship, Men’s Group, Art & Craft Group, Friendship Lunches, Nashley House etc.

On top of these groups, we often have people who arrive unannounced to have a look inside church – they may be trying to trace their families/or see where grandparents were married etc.  I enjoy being able to show people around and often give them one of our 150th Anniversary booklets.  Occasionally we have visitors who are in need of real practical help; they may be homeless, maybe without food, maybe distressed, often very lonely.  These visits are a challenge to me as I am very hospitable by nature, but especially now that Geoff has retired and thus I have few people immediately close at hand to call on, I am unable to offer money/food/or even a chat for long whilst I am on my own. I have information sheets and practical suggestions of where they may be able to get food etc, but then I must ask them to leave as I have work to do.  Of course, I can pray for these people & I often tell them I will be doing so.

I then fill my time with a myriad of other administrative duties that range from: collating and organising the service rotas, so that each week those leading,
preaching, reading, pray-ing etc all know when they are due to take part in a service.
Ensuring the diary is up to date/things don’t clash.
Communication with many varying people by email/phone or face to face.
Ordering equipment/stationery etc.
Chasing up maintenance matters i.e. the newly resurfaced front took over a year of emailing, phoning,
writing letters etc to actually get the company to take responsibility and come back to address the problems.
Dealing with the Diocese; sending in returns/getting information etc.

I am very blessed to have 2 willing volunteers who come in weekly & carry out a number of tasks, which helps me so much, coupled with a supportive congregation/family, this is a good place to work.

Jane Milsom - Adninistrator