About a year ago I heard my neighbours were in really bad health and offered to go and pray with them.  They had received some really helpful answers to my prayers in the past so were very happy with this suggestion.  After they had shared the details of their ill health with me, I prayed into their situation, thanking God for past help and looking to Him with hope for the present situation. A week later I was surprised to receive a lovely bunch of flowers to express their thanks for my prayer because God had answered in such a way that in the words of one of them "I haven't felt THIS well in years."
It is so easy to forget God's answers to prayers when we are going through 'dry spells' when it feels as if God isn't listening to us as nothing seems to be changing.  The picture on my phone reminds me that we have a faithful God who does answer prayer, just not necessarily WHEN and HOW we expect. Daphne Hill

An answer to the prayers of many people.

While cycling down Walliscote Road to Emmanuel Church for Parish prayers, a lady in her parked car opened her car door into the path of my bicycle.  It must have happened very quickly as I did not see the door opening and was not aware of being knocked off my bike (no helmet!).  I just vaguely remember saying something about being alright and I must get up.

However an ambulance was summoned and the police were called, none of which can I remember.  I next realised that I was in a hospital ward, having had a CT scan as I had a head injury with 3 stitches!

I was only in hospital for one night on this occasion, but it was the evening of the Archdeacon’s Visitation and sadly I missed it, but everyone there prayed for me!

I received so many cards and people telling me how I had been prayed for so much that it really encouraged me and lifted my spirits as I did feel that I was not making any progress.  Later on August 8th I had a drain operation on my head which removed some excess fluid, and this was the final answer to all those prayers.

I really began to feel so much better and am now almost back to myself, which is wonderful.  I have now bought a cycle helmet and am back on my bike!  Thank you Lord. Dina Parker