As I watched the 60 or more cold, wet and windswept parishioners arriving for the APCM, I was reminded of the old advert in which milkmen struggle through storms to deliver our doorstep pinta.  And our dedicated band of church members weren’t even being paid to come!  Inside the church was lovely and warm, courtesy we learned of a faulty heating control which currently can only be switched on fully or not at all.

We were treated to a whistle-stop tour of all aspects of church life, some familiar, others not:

  • Did you know that Christ Church is now on Facebook and Twitter or that if you put your news and prayer sheet down whilst having coffee after the service, you can read it on the church webpage?
  • Did you realise that three quarters of the 211 people on the electoral roll live outside the parish?  Wherever do they all park their cars?
  • Did you know that, far from being supported financially by the congregation, the 150 families attending Little Inspirations toddler groups sponsor a child in Bangladesh and gave donations last year to Mercy Ships, Cancer Research and our Holiday Club and Lightfest event?
  • Did you know the church has plans to purchase a scaffolding ladder so we can try our hand at bungee jumping do our own high-level maintenance?
  • Did you know the names of the four people who have all served three years on the PCC and must now take a well-deserved break?  All right, as PCC secretary I do have the advantage here and can tell you it is Liz Butt, Sam Hinchliffe, Rosanne Sodzi and Barry Sutton-Jones.  Thanks to all for the time and effort you have put in.
  • If you weren’t there, you may not know that an amazing 10 people were nominated to take the four places.  An election therefore had to be held, at the end of which Kevin Bale, Steve Maynard, Andy Page and Donna Pilgrim were elected.  Welcome to the PCC.
  • Would you have believed that God is even interested in APCMs? Chris Cole opened the evening with a reading; David Wilkes closed the evening with a reading; both spoke only to God about it, not to each other yet both chose

1 Corinthians 12 -

‘You are the body of Christ and each one of you is a part of it’

Stella O’Brien - P.C.C. Secretary