BCMBCM International UK: Reaching Children, Serving Churches

You might be familiar with the 10-40 Window but have you heard about the 4-14 Window?  About 85% of Christians across the world began to follow Jesus between the ages of 4 and 14.  With 2.2 billion children in the world, BCM International has made this strategic 4-14 Window the central focus of its ministry since beginning as the Bible Club Movement in 1936.  Now, as Bible Centred Ministries, BCM is committed to partnering with local churches and other like-minded organisations to disciple children and young people in God’s Word.

Through the ministry of our missionaries and volunteers, 1.2 million children around the world hear God’s Word each year in Bible Clubs and schools and we run Bible Camps in more than 20 countries.  Here in the UK our small team of missionaries aims to mobilise, train and assist local churches to teach children and young people the Bible so that they may come to know, love and obey God.


My ministry with BCM covers three main areas:

Angeline WhiteTwo years ago I was invited to join a team of Global Master Trainers who are responsible for leading BCM’s training ministry around the world.  Together with my colleague, Barbara Van Valkenburg, I co-ordinate, promote and run training courses for children’s ministry volunteers in churches around the UK.  We hope to establish teams of trainers around the UK.   
With the help of volunteers, I run children’s Bible Clubs in three schools (lunchtime club at Court de Wyck Primary School, Claverham; after-school club at Banwell Primary School; and after-school club at East Huntspill Primary School).  Altogether, BCM workers and volunteers in Weston run 10 clubs in schools (including Christ Church), churches or community centres, and collective worship in 6 schools.   I’m Camp Director for BCM England’s Bible Club Camp at Barton Children’s Centre, near Winscombe.  Each summer up to forty children aged 8-11 come from our Bible Clubs or from churches which we have links with around the country.
As well as these ministries, BCM lets me use part of my working week for my work with children and families at Christ Church.  David also serves with BCM UK as a Trustee.   Many people at Christ Church are already involved in BCM’s ministry through prayer, financial giving, and helping at clubs and/or camp.  If you would like to know more about how you could be involved, please speak to me.   On Saturday 25th February BCM is running an In Step with the Master Teacher training day in Weston for children’s ministry volunteers.  If you are already involved in children’s ministry or would like to be, please plan to join us.  I will be happy to provide you with more information, and booking forms are available on the Information Desk.      Angeline White

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