Chab DaiChab Dai means 'Joining Hands' in the Cambodian language.  These words signify our ethos of working with one another in partnership as both a Biblical and practical model. Chab Dai was started in Cambodia more than 5 years ago to address the issues of sexual abuse and human trafficking.  Back then, there were 8 Christian organisations who came together to work as a 'Learning Community'.  Today, we have 50 member organisations in Cambodia, more than 10 direct programs and 25 Cambodian staff who are dedicated to seeing change in Cambodia. Chab Dai started as an innovative project for organisations working together to raise the standard of care for victims, bringing hope for the future.  Chab Dai also acted as a bridge builder between these Christian organisations and the Government of Cambodia, United Nations Agencies and other secular groups.  Today we work with more than 30 UN and other agencies and have recently been appointed by the Cambodian Government to their National Committee for Action against Human Trafficking and Exploitation, sitting on the  high level working groups, Chaired by the Deputy Prime Minister and is one of just 5 agencies (from more than 200) who have been selected to hold this position. This model of working has now been replicated by a group of agencies in Thailand, Laos and we are currently working to assist a similar model in Vietnam, Burma and India.  As well as working in an Asian context, Chab Dai has now been established in the West – with our first office in Sacramento, California, USA then followed by Montreal, Canada.  These offices are not established for fund raising but have direct projects to address sexual abuse and human trafficking in their own countries.  We have now initiated joint projects with the Governments of both countries, including working in partnership with law enforcement and social services to establish a referral mechanism for victims.  This is our Global Learning Community. Our team in Cambodia are delighted and empowered by having this model from such a small but dedicated team, replicated in first world countries.  The story of the past has often been the opposite. We have seen and understand that partnership is the way forward in seeing change in both Cambodia and beyond... Thank you for yours.