“Read and Return”

I guess because it’s tucked away in a corner of the church (and sometimes obscured by notice boards!) the Lending Library tends to get overlooked.  However, its shelves are filled with a very good selection of recent books, many of which are still currently on sale in the book shops, whilst others are ‘classics’ which are out of print and not available anywhere else. Paradoxically, the very simplicity of the scheme confuses people!  “Where do I sign to say I’ve taken a book?” is a question I’m sometimes asked.  The thing is – you don’t!  
“Read and Return” means ‘just what it says on the tin’.  Take a book; (any with a yellow sticker on the cover); keep it for as long as it takes you to read it, then bring it back and replace it on the shelf.  If we can’t trust Christians to do that – who can we trust!

The main thing is to share these donated books with as many people as possible.

So take a look, there’s something there for everyone! Barry Sutton-Jones