For years the organisation of church maintenance has been the responsibility of the wardens. They have carried out these duties on top of all of the other duties including having to be present at services and meetings.

Since the vacancy, the responsibilities and workload for the wardens have increased. One way in which we can spread this workload is for the management of church maintenance to be organised in such a way that more people can be drafted in to help.

We hope to compile a list of names, abilities and availabilities and scheduled workdays, so that if a particular problem or job arises, we can approach the right person to do the job. We already know of someone who has done a superb job of painting a rear external door!

We intend to set up a church maintenance schedule covering all aspects of repair, so that all jobs can be listed and planned. It may be that some of these jobs could just be done in an hour or so, and not necessarily during a workday. The intention is that this schedule will be flexible so that we can keep on top of all of the many things which need to be done to keep our church in good order.

So, if you feel that you have a particular skill, or if you are just happy to help out, please let us know.

Obviously the wardens will have their watchful eyes on this, but we hope that we can at least take away some of the pressure and share this load.

Alan Whitfield and Dave Milsom