Here we are with some tips from the eco-group this month. This year have yourself a low carbon, eco friendly Christmas: to make Christmas sustainable choose solar powered, recycled and eco friendly Christmas decorations, solar fairy lights, Christmas trees, cards and gifts.  Remember Christmas begins with Christ. Save your carbon footprint and help save Gods Creation Always use what you can from last year’s decorations first. Solar Powered Christmas Fairy Lights - solar LED, OR Solar Powered Christmas Rope Light summer and winter. All-year-round outdoor solar powered fairy lights - they'll put out a bright light with free power provided by the sun.  These pretty solar LED lights are ideal for parties or just to bring a little eco magic into your garden and home. Using innovative solar technology, these weatherproof lights are easy to install, and give reliable lighting all year round – up to 40 hours once fully charged.  As bright as mains powered lights, solar powered fairy lights turn on and off automatically using a clever light sensor, and won't contribute to your energy bills. Recycled Christmas Cards & Recycled Wrapping Paper - wrap your gifts in eco style!

In the UK at Christmas we send 1 billion Christmas cards, and use 80 km2 of wrapping paper, much of which ends up on landfills, so this year make sure you have a more eco friendly Christmas and choose recycled Christmas cards, or have some fun and make your own Christmas cards from last year’s cards, and remember recycle them again when you have finished this year. Recycled Paper Christmas Crackers - make Christmas lunch go with an eco bang
Made from recycled paper and card, these Christmas crackers are better for the planet, and good for the whole family. AA Rechargeable batteries USBCELL is a revolutionary new rechargeable AA battery.  By opening the cap and plugging into a USB connector, you can recharge them pretty much anywhere there's a USB socket.   USBCELL can be used in any device needing an AA battery. By making it easier to recharge batteries, it means fewer disposable batteries get made and thrown away, and so is better for the environment. Recycled Glass Christmas Tree Baubles - perfect for a green Christmas

Beautiful and traditional Christmas baubles, made from recycled glass. These are fair trade vintage-style ornaments. Each bauble is fitted with an individual tie made from recycled sari material, which means that each set of baubles is unique.  These make beautiful gifts and something to treasure and pass on to future generations. Recycled and Eco Friendly Christmas Tree Decorations

Decorate your Christmas tree with some good looking hanging Christmas decorations made from recycled circuit boards and recycled CDs that would otherwise have been thrown away. The shiny sides and metal bits will catch the light, and they'll look great on your tree, The perfect gift?? Wrap-n-Mat - the perfect alternative to sandwich bag, foil or clingfilm
All too often we find ourselves having to wrap sandwiches with packaging that has to be thrown away. Well, here's an alternative:-. Wrap-n-Mat, secured with Velcro, is an eco friendly, reusable alternative to cling film and tin foil, that is washable so you can use it again and again. Not only that, but when you unfold it, the cotton wrapper acts as a placemat. How neat is that? Perfect for work, school lunches, and picnics. All at the Eco-group wish you a Happy and peaceful Christmas and all the best for the New Year. Hayden Taylor