Crash TeamThe Crash Team is Christ Church's answer to an emergency service for those living in Christ Church Parish or attending the church who need practical help where friends or family aren't available.  In the past we have helped provide transport to local or Bristol hospitals, shopping, meals, cleaning, visiting and generally supporting our members. The Christ Church Crash Team has been working beautifully in the background.  A mighty praise for all who have accepted to give time and effort in answer to my phone calls.  I can't thank you enough.
During the month of October there will be a list on the Information Desk for anyone who would like to be part of this very necessary work.  I really need to update my records and I am sure there are many of you who haven't had a chance to take part or some who would prefer not to be involved anymore. If you have any questions regarding any detail, how expenses are handled or how you can benefit by the service yourself, I would be happy to chat with you at any time.  Please consider being part of this very valuable service. Jan Lawrence (Crash Team co-ordinator)