Deaf Church from a Hearing Person's perspective

Inspiring. Welcoming. Caring.  'Enthusiastic singing' and Signing.  Encouraging and challenging preaching.   I met Derek Boardman just 12 months ago at Holiday Club in Christ Church.  I had passed my BSL (British Sign Language) Level 2 but had not used it for a couple of years.  If you don't use it, you do lose it.  This made me quite nervous signing to Derek, but he was great.  Patient and encouraging, telling me about Deaf Church and that I would be welcome.  I couldn't imagine being welcomed as my signing was very rusty but when I eventually plucked up courage to go I was pleasantly surprised. Approximately 30-35 Deaf people attend.  We sing in sign.  We pray in sign.  We 'hear' the Word of God in sign.  We take communion together.  'The Peace' is an experience to be remembered.  Everyone gives the 'Peace' to everyone.  It can take some time.  But time is not an issue in Deaf Church.  Making sure everyone is included is very important.    After the Service we enjoy tea, sandwiches and cakes together.  They travel from all over, Taunton, Bridgwater, Nailsea, Bristol by train and car.  It is very important to the Christian Deaf Community to get together to Worship as often as they can, so travelling is not an issue.   I am so privileged to 'belong' to the Deaf Church.  So happy they have embraced me.  If you are interested in learning about Worship in Sign, please speak to me and if you would like to come along to Deaf Church, you will be so welcome. Margaret (Brayshaw)