SteepholmI don’t know how many of you know but the island of Steep Holm is in the parish of Emmanuel.

Doug Halstead was given the challenge of going up the tower of Emmanuel to take a photo of the island to be used in the parish profile.  Doug took Rhys Thomas with him.

They went through a door having no idea what they would find and began climbing the narrow, steep, spiral staircase.

It was so narrow they had to tiptoe up the stairs and the only light they had was from the torch which Rhys had held in his mouth so he was able to steady himself on the way up.

They thought they may see pigeons on the way up but didn’t see any.  It seemed to take ages to get to the top but eventually they came to another door.  On opening it, they discovered a flat surface which they were quite surprised about.  Doug said his heart went out to the people who had abseiled down it in the past as it felt far higher looking down from the top than it had looking up from the bottom and that it was interesting to see Weston from a different angle.


The weather was fine so it was clear and the view was fabulous.  Rhys and Doug both thought they were able to see as far as Hinkley Point.  While up the tower Doug not only took the photo of Steep Holm but also realised he could take a great aerial shot of the new Christ Church vicarage so he got two photos for the price of one!!!

He said it was a privilege to be able to go up the tower because you see church towers all the time but it’s not often you are able to go up one and wanted to thank Emmanuel for giving him the opportunity and for the memories he now has.

Christ ChurchIf you’re ever thinking of going up the tower, Doug did have one warning.  It should not be attempted by the faint hearted or anyone who was afraid of heights!!! Sam Hinchliffe