In June Ray & Donna ran a 6 week Christianity Explored course at their home.  These are the comments from those who attended. 'Christianity Explored helped me to explore Christianity in a relaxed and informal way.  The evenings were fun and I felt comfortable expressing thoughts and asking questions.  During the evening we would watch a short DVD related to Jesus.  We would look at the Bible and questions and discuss it.  Christianity Explored helped me to have a better understanding of who Jesus is.
I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to explore Christianity or who wants to know who Jesus is and explore the Bible.'
'It was great to get together with others for discussions to have some questions that have been on my mind answered.  I really enjoyed the course and would recommend it to anyone starting out on their journey.  A big thank you to Donna and Ray for hosting this and letting me share this with them.' 'A good chance to reflect on my faith and what I believe.' We will be running a Discipleship Explored course for 8 weeks, at our home commencing on the 12 October and would be delighted to see anyone who would like to take their faith further. A further course of Christianity Explored will be held at the home of Martin and Nicky Boardman, commencing on the 13 October. If you would like any more information on these courses please see Ray, Donna or Elaine for Discipleship Explored, or Martin, Nicky or Elaine for the Christianity Explored.