Ian CoffeyKeith Hallett reports back on Weston Bible Week

IAN COFFEY started our Bible Week by challenging us because we are engaged together in Jesus’ Mission.   This year’s event was hosted in the newly refurbished Bristol Road Baptist Church.  With very comfortable seating, clear sightlines and screens to show the hymn words and talk illustrations it was a good place to be even on wet and windy evenings.   A new word to me, ‘Missional’ featured in his three titles.  He encouraged us to see ourselves as part of a Missional Ministry.

He stressed the importance of team work and that we should expect adversity and personal cost.  He used Paul’s experience in Acts 18 for us to grow where God had placed us and yet to hold a long term vision of the future.   The Second evening he entitled ‘Missional Vision’ and spoke about the wise strategic choices that Paul made and encouraged us to take the good news to where people may hear.  He quoted Spurgeon, the Preacher from a previous generation who said ‘Jesus called us to feed his lambs, not his giraffes.’  Be innovative and do not fear opposition because the evil one will always oppose the Gospel of Jesus. Bristol Road Baptist ChurchThe third evening followed the life of Barnabas and was called ‘Missional People’.  Barnabas was an Encourager with a generous heart.  Paul calls him a good man but Ian saw him as a risk taker for God who enabled teams to develop.  He spoke about his human side when he and Paul disagreed and parted company.  It would seem that they were later reconciled and we were encouraged to heal differences. These were very encouraging, challenging and fun filled evenings with laughter and plenty to chew over after we had finished.   The three talks can be listened to via the website that holds them on a free download from www.westonbibleweek.org.uk