Christ ChurchEmmanuel ChurchSince I was formally made the Vicar of Emmanuel in 2005, the links between our two churches have grown.

Both P.C.C.’s recently have been encouraged by identifying areas now shared, and I am now hoping that you too may be both pleased and perhaps even surprised at how far we have gone in sharing resources and working together.



  1. Overlapping worship at the Sunday evening service and Wednesday morning.
  2. This magazine has many articles, like this one, that will be in both church’s magazines.
  3. Sunday preachers/leaders/musicians.
  4. Prayer pointers for the weekly service sheet are shared.
  5. Publicity throughout both parishes contain details of both church services.
  6. The Houseparty weekend is shared.
  7. Winter Warmth has volunteers from both.
  8. The Beacon is led by folk from both.
  9. We support each others events - coffee/socials etc.
  10. The Bible reading notes are administered by one person for both.
  11. Our Home Groups are open to both.
  12. Coping with the challenge of finance/auditing is shared.
  13. Cleaning and D.I.Y. are spread across both.

Not to mention the Vicars time! Quite a bit I think you will agree.  It is the result of steady and healthy growth hopefully for the benefit of both, for which we praise God.

Geoff Hobden