Life opened the door for the very first time on August 15th 2011 at 13 The Centre. They began with nothing except a conviction that our town needed to keep a Christian presence in the ‘High street’ and that God would supply all their needs. With the help of the George Muller Foundation (who own the building) and some second-hand books, they put their feet where their faith was.

Since then our wonderful Lord and the Christian community in Weston and the surrounding areas have overwhelmed the project with their love, prayers and gifts. Andrew Williams answers a few questions about ‘Life at Life’ and the inspiration behind it… 1. If you were to sum up how you are feeling about Life in 3 words, what would you say?!

Exhausted, Excited, Expectant. 2. Tell us the story about where your vision for Life came from? From when I first came to Weston over 25 years ago my heart has always been for the town’s people to know God but in equal measure it has been for myself to know God better. Over the years, Lydia and I have grown together and been able to use our time for God in so many different ways which we now see was good preparation for where we are now. 3. What’s the business setup?  (charity / not-for profit etc.) In order to get up and running as soon as possible Lydia and I are in partnership together with legal responsibility for the shop.  We do however see this as a wider opportunity not a personal crusade. And after having wanted to open as soon as possible after the previous shop closed we are now catching our breath and are very much in prayer for God’s will in this. 4. You’ve been open for 5 months now.  How has it been?

It has had its up and downs. God has blessed us in parallel with personal health, day job and other pressures. 5. We’ve seen a number of people attempt to succeed with a Christian book-shop / meeting place in the town centre, but have failed…  what are you doing differently to make sure that you do succeed?

We are running on a voluntary, non-profit basis.  Income is invested directly into the cause and towards the direct costs.
Simply put, we have had to be obedient to the call that we believe has been on our lives, if we are right and he has called us to this place and this time, then as Hudson Taylor a missionary for God put it 'Gods work done Gods way never lacks Gods supply'.


6. Tell us three things that we can do to help Life? Please pray, visit and bring a friend. More at