Our God is really great, almighty, and His work in our life is incredible and wonderful.  He’ll always do the best things in our lives for He truly loves us. Even though many things are impossible in our lives, He makes them possible for nothing’s impossible with Him.  He is the only one in whom we can put our faith for He is the only righteous and faithful God. Each of us has their own dreams, ambitions and wishes, I, too, have some, and some have come true by the grace of our Lord.  My ambition is to be a doctor and by the grace of our Lord and my Mum and Dad’s love and support, it is coming true.  I also had a great wish to see them and that came true when they came to visit Nepal last year.  In the same way, I wished to see a first world nation and that also came true when they invited me to come to UK.  It was all possible by the grace of our Lord and Mum and Dad’s love for me.  I’m really very grateful to them and to our Lord as well for everything.

It was on the 19th August 2010 when I came to UK for the first time.  I was really very excited and happy but afraid too because it was my first time out of Asia.  I was supposed to arrive in the UK at 18:30 local time but as my aircraft was delayed and there was a very long immigration queue it was about 20:30 by the time I got to the arrivals hall.  My Mum and Dad must love me because even though the airport is a very long way from their house and both of their health is not good, they came to pick me up.  They had to wait for two hours for me, worrying whether I had arrived or not, I don’t have any words to describe how grateful I was to see them.  It was about 22:30 when we arrived home. When I came I was suffering from Bell’s palsy, which distorted my face but now, happily, I can report that I’m back to normal. On the morning of the 20th I woke up quite early because of the time difference between Nepal and the UK but after a few days I started to wake up at around 8 am, sometimes even nearly at 9am.  Dad is always the first to wake, getting up at about 5.30.  By the time Mum and I woke up, he would have finished his breakfast and several mugs of tea.  It was a really wonderful moment in my life that time that I spent with them.  We had fun together going to meet with friends, seeing different places and watching some TV shows. There is a series on DVD called “The Golden Girls” which we loved to laugh at, all three of us. The 22nd August was another great moment in my life for I was able to meet everybody in the Church.  It was really amazing as everybody knew about me through Mum and Dad.  I’m sorry but I can’t remember your names but I’ll never forget the love and the warm welcome which you gave to me.  It was a great blessing and honour for me to go to the front of the church with Mum and Dad to answer a few questions asked by the Church leader.  It was a great day and I’m really very grateful to the members of the church for everything. On the same evening we went to Crickham Baptist Church, Peter Price (see below) was preaching and I was able to meet all those who’ve been praying for and supporting me over there.  I was really touched by their love and warm greetings.  I never thought that I could have such a wonderful opportunity to meet all of those good people and I’m really grateful to our Lord for them.  I was asked to play the violin there, and as I had left mine in Nepal we borrowed one from Helen Page.  Thank you Helen!  I’m not that good but our God got me through. Similarly it was great blessing for me to meet those that I had spoken to while I was talking with Mum and Dad on skype, (Eileen Wirth, Shirley Hunt, Margaret Brass and Eileen’s daughter Susan).  It was lovely to see them personally and a great honour for me to meet them.  I was really touched by their love and care for me and I didn’t feel homesick for Nepal when I spent my time with all the people over here in the UK. I was also able to meet Dad’s brother Barry, albeit not as we had hoped as he had pneumonia at the time.  We were supposed to spend a day with him and his wife but because he was so ill and was in hospital we had to cancel.  We were not sure whether we would be able to meet him or not while I was there in UK but by the grace of our Lord he improved enough for a short visit.  Our God is great and in Him all things are possible.  I believe that our Lord healed him.  When I met him in Cardiff, his health was improving but recently I heard that he is back to normal.   Praise the Lord! We met him when Mum and Dad took me to Cardiff so that I could visit the Folk Museum at St. Fagan’s; it was very interesting seeing how people lived then.

We went to Worcester where we met with some friends (Peter & Connie Pickering) that I had met in Nepal where they had been as missionaries.  We had lunch with them and then they took us to see the 11th century cathedral, it was really nice.  A few days earlier I had been taken to Wells to see the cathedral there, until then I had never heard of cathedrals.  Later we walked along the River Severn eating ice cream and watching the swans.

It was a great pleasure for me to meet Peter and Maureen Price; they are co-sponsors with Mum and Dad.  It was in 2005 when I met them for the first time   in Nepal and they asked what I wanted to be in future.  They are good friends of Mum and Dad, and when they got home they agreed to help with the costs of my training.  We had a prayer meeting in their house for Nepal and for me and my future.  We had a lovely fellowship in their house where I met with other people who had lived in Nepal and worked there for years.  It was a great surprise and pleasure for me to hear those brothers and sisters speaking in the Nepali language.

In the same way, I was also able to meet the doctors who have been looking after my Mum for her Parkinson disease and it was another great pleasure for me.  I had heard about them from Mum and Dad and by the grace of our Lord, I was able to meet them as well.

Regarding the food in the UK, I liked it all though I didn’t expect to before I came because we always have rice as our daily meal.  I heard that people in the west seldom eat rice so I was a little bit worried.  It’s a surprising thing but I didn’t miss rice at all.  Dad is really a great cook and the foods he prepared were all delicious.  I learned how to make chili con carne from him and have promised to make it for them when they next come to Nepal.    I liked all the food that I ate over there but chili con carne was my favourite.

It was a great pleasure to come to Britain; it’s a lovely country with a great history.  It’s a place where we can see not only modern things but also ancient ones which are really wonderful and amazing.  While there I saw many things that I had never seen before; I was really impressed by the art and architecture, and as Nepal is landlocked had never seen the sea before.  I was also impressed by the cleanliness and how well managed everything is.  The British weather I was told was strange because it was so variable and so it proved, the first week was bad but the second was really lovely, allowing me to see the beauty of Britain.

It was on the 2nd September that I left to come back to Nepal bringing all these good memories with me.  Mum had minor surgery booked for the day I left UK but she preferred to be with me so instead of having the operation she came with me to the airport.  I’m really very grateful to our Lord for giving me Mum and Dad, I’m really very proud to be their son and they are the greatest blessing of my life.