You may have noticed that at the back of Christ Church there have recently appeared some piles of little booklets enclosed within pink wrappers and boldly inscribed “FREE”.   These are, in fact, complete annual sets of “once-used”  Bible Reading schemes and are there thanks to  a number of current subscribers, who have donated their notes back for re-use.  Some sets have also been provided for Emmanuel church.

If you are not already in a scheme, do please have a look and select a set to try out.  Alternatively, if you would like to try a different scheme to the one you are using now, then the same applies to you.  Or, could you take a pack for a friend, to encourage them to take up regular Bible reading?  We are entering a very challenging time in the life of both churches.  Thankfully, we are advertising for a Vicar who ”believes in the authority of Scripture” and is “a gifted Bible teacher”.  Let’s hope that when that person comes, he or she will find congregations who are up to speed in their own grasp of what the Bible really does have to say in today’s world. Secondly, about the Christ Church Lending Library, otherwise known as “Read and Return”.  When Geoff and Hazel left, they gave us three boxes of books from their collection.  Some were passed on to the ‘Life’ bookshop in Weston, but others have been retained to add to the library.  These will be displayed in rotation, so if you haven’t had a look at the shelves recently, please do so now.

Any book with a yellow sticker on it may be taken away, read and (hopefully !) returned.  There are no formalities and the shelves are open to anyone who comes to Christ Church regularly.  As with the Bible Notes, most books have been donated by members of our congregation and it would make them very happy to know that they are being used. Barry Sutton-Jones