Progress is very slow at present as we are still waiting for quotes from builders for the new accessible toilet. We can report that we have a new boiler in the kitchen, at present providing all the hot water to the sinks and dishwasher.  It will eventually supply heating to the new radiators in all the toilets as well as replacing the old boiler which heats the present radiators in the downstairs hall. This old boiler, in the small store room, fitted in 1999, will be removed when new pipes have been installed from the new kitchen boiler.
We are very pleased and grateful that Alan Whitfield has come alongside us with his practical experience and wisdom. We have discovered that we will need full building regulation approval by North Somerset Council for the accessible toilet, and as part of this, inspections by the Fire Officer.  Consequently we need to do a Risk Assessment and install a Fire Alarm system.  We are at present talking to firms which will give us quotes for the Fire Alarm System, another expensive job!! We also have to get permission from the Diocese for all these alterations, one of which includes exits from the building without using keys, where doors have to be locked for security reasons.
One seemingly small job that Chappie has undertaken on our behalf, is to replace a door latch on the car park door where the stone-work has broken away, but we still need permission from the Archdeacon.  It all takes time. However we trust that we will get there in the end to the glory of God. Dina Parker