The Christian Police Association organised a day conference at Police Headquarters in Portishead.  It was a truly inspiring day.  DCC Rob Beckley said he was a constable in Brixton London in the 70s when they were allowed no contact with the local authority or youth services.

He said it was a complete standoff – them and us.  A local black pastor had offered to help.  He said he was such a force for good and the sharing of values.  The difference in the atmosphere around was striking.  Now there is a real understanding that we need to work together for the good of all.  Policing is all of our business.

We heard about ‘The Noise’ started off on an estate in North Bristol by a church leader and his church family of 30 to show the community what church is about.  They cleared peoples gardens of brambles, cut down bushes where drug dealers were congregating and cleared and tidied the area - they were ready to do any job the local people were concerned about.  From such a small start ‘The Noise’ has now grown to 35 churches and hundreds of volunteers.  As they showed God’s love in practice so it broke down barriers. We heard of ‘Prayer Patrol’ in Bristol which gives a lot of support to the Somali community and through contacts there a project is starting in Somalia, and through another contact ‘prayer patrol’ is also starting in Detroit. Dave Holtby talked about the work of Street Pastors.  There are now over 200 schemes with around 8000 volunteers involved.  The police work alongside all these, and many other, community projects. 

COACT was set up to support Christian police officers around the country and many new initiatives have resulted in communicating the love of the Lord Jesus. It is about building bridges between the community and the police.

‘Adopt a Cop’ where a local church prayed for the local police presence, ‘Cops and Robbers’  a comic put in police cells showing how God can change lives, and so much more.

Do talk to Meg Hill if you would like more information.