OCCBy the time you are reading this, many of you will have filled shoe boxes this year for Operation Christmas Child. I thought it may interest you to know a little about where the boxes go and who they go to. Last Christmas, nearly 1.12 million children received a special shoebox gift thanks to the commitment of supporters and volunteers across the UK. This is more than just an impressive statistic - it is the reality that each of those children will have been filled with joy at receiving a gift of love sent by children and adults. The boxes were received in 14 countries across the world and you can see how many went to the various countries.


Operation Christmas ChildA Special Teddy Bear

International Operation Christmas Child Co-ordinator Trevor Hammond visited a primary school in Motshane District, Swaziland, to hear from the children who received shoeboxes full of gifts.  The children were full of smiles as Trevor asked a few of them what they wanted to say to people back in the UK who had created these boxes.

One girl in particular, Naledi, jumped at the opportunity to speak to Trevor.  "I would like this chance to say thank you for the gifts that I received" she said.  "I found a teddy bear and two face cloths so thank you for this." Trevor asked Naledi whether she had named her teddy bear.  Naledi looked at Trevor and replied with a beaming smile, "Yes, Bananas!" before bursting into laughter with her friends. This is a little insight into the amazing impact a shoebox can have. The look of joy on Naledi's face demonstrated the power of a simple shoebox and the thankfulness of a child who otherwise may not have received a gift at Christmas.

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