Street PastorsWe need you!

Weston Street Pastors are starting a new schedule of training for those who would like to become a Street Pastor. These sessions will start on Saturday 1st October, and will involve 1 day (in this case Saturday’s) per week for 6 weeks. Many subjects are covered by specialists in their fields such as: the Good News, Drug & Alcohol Abuse, Youth Culture, Knowing our Community etc.

Have you, or someone you know, considered being a Street Pastor, and wondered;

How you will stay awake until 4 am?

God has a way of keeping us awake & alert when we need to be & we usually find that the adrenalin of being amongst people in a caring, sharing, helping way ensures that we are able to remain awake.

Are concerned about being out on the streets of Weston on a Saturday night?

We walk in teams of 4 (2 men & 2 ladies), with a prayer team back at base, who we are in contact with at all times. We also use a Walky-talky type radio and are in touch with the Police, CCTV & Door Staff. We are also, generally, shown great respect by the revellers. Again God is with us at all times & answers to prayer requests show us that this is the truth.

Will being a Street Pastor affect me physically the following week?

Many of us try to have an easy day on the day we are due to walk. Some of us also feel that if we can’t attend church on Sunday morning we can always go in the evening.

Is it for me?

We agree that this ministry isn’t for everyone, but if you have a heart for young people, and long to listen, care and help those who are out & about on a Saturday night, it may well be for you. Please also be assured that within our teams we have a wide range of ages, diverse characters & varying physical abilities. Those who are older are often greeted very kindly & with respect, as they remind youngsters of their Gran/Grandad.

Within Christ Church & Emmanuel Church Families, we have a number of people who have been or are currently Street Pastors, and they will be very happy to talk to you.

So if you would like to know more about the work please ask them. They are: Ray Brearley, Sue Cannock, Meg Hill, Mike Hunt, Steve Maynard, Dave & Jane Milsom, Jeff & Carole Morgan, Mary Passey, Peter Muir, John & Jenny Simons, Pam Waters.

Alternatively, you can ask to go out with a team on a Saturday night, as an Observer (with no obligation to do anything other than observe the team in action).

Or you can ring Jane Milsom (07766678446) for more information, express a wish to join Street Pastors and/or book your place on the training schedule.