The Sworn Family

This year has been one of significant change in our family.   In August, Hannah moved back to the UK to begin studying for her A-Levels for the next 2 years at Weston College.  It has of course, been a huge adjustment re-entering UK society after having lived in Cambodia for 12 out of 16 years of her life!  Hannah is now living with Helen's mum who is also undergoing a culture shock, who at 78 years of age, has a 16 year old living with her! During August we were able to enjoy a family holiday in France and the first wedding of the next generation with Helen's niece being married.

Soon after, Trevor and Joel returned to Cambodia and Joel back to Hope School which was established more than 9 years ago (with Hannah as the first student!).  Joel is growing fast at 12 years old and is fascinated by geography, war games and cooking with his dad!

We are enjoying our new family home which is just outside the city of Phnom Penh, surrounded by agriculture land and lots of wildlife! We look forward to Hannah joining us at home for Christmas in Cambodia. We wish you all a very Happy Christmas and New Year. With love, Helen, Trevor, Hannah and Joel xxx