About 18 months ago I was made aware that there was going to be a ‘pot of money’ from the government to allow mainly privately run groups to apply for, to have work done to improve the facilities that pre-schools offer.  So as soon as possible I started to apply.


New Garden at Christ ChurchIt was a long drawn out process (that a change of government didn’t help as at one point we were told that there would be no more grants given out!).  Finally last September we were told we had been successful (the grant was for £7000, the pre-school added £1500 and the PCC the final £1500), but unfortunately because Kevin Bale was so busy he couldn’t start until February.

Eventually February came and we were all very excited when diggers and dump trucks arrived.  The children would arrive every morning and run straight outside to watch the building of the wall.

Kevin and his team arrived to start the landscaping on one of the coldest days of the year and it didn’t get much warmer!

The garden soon started to take shape and before long the finished garden emerged and we couldn’t wait to get outside to play. Unfortunately Kevin told us we could not go on the grass for 6 weeks (we held out for 2 weeks but don’t tell Kevin).

Kevin and his team have made a fantastic job of the garden and I can’t thank them enough.  Having this extra space has made a huge difference to our day to day running of the pre-school and the children use it whatever the weather as they all have wellies, raincoats and sunhats.

The garden is for use by everyone and I hope you will go and have a look if you haven’t had a chance yet, there is a lovely view and it is a great place to drink your coffee!

Sarah Quick