Type in TWAM on your browser, up will pop our website and you’ll get far more information than I can give you on this page.  Not all will have the computer necessary, so for their benefit I’ll give you an idea of what we do.
We exist to bring to the people, in the main, of Africa a helping hand to obtain work for themselves and their families.

You all know if you feed a man today, you have to feed him tomorrow.  This is bad for his self-confidence, his pride in providing for his family is dented and it leaves him wondering if there will be food tomorrow.

We provide training and the tools for him (her) to learn a trade, e.g. we work with tailoring schools, when pupils have finished their courses we provide them with a sewing machine, a length of cloth, cottons, needles, buttons etc., all that is needed to make a garment.  Once that is sold, they can buy more cloth and make more clothes – a job for life.  Praise the Lord! Another benefit is all the stuff we recycle doesn’t end up in landfill, who could ask for more?

I am one of 300 collectors throughout the country, we collect all manner of things that could be useful to tradesmen, schools, hospitals, churches, in fact anyone who needs help, irrespective of colour or creed.  When we have a load large enough, we send it to a number of processing centres dotted around the country (I send mine to Ipswich, the HQ of our organisation) where the gifts are sorted, overhauled, stored and, when an order comes in, packed into sea-containers for shipment.  A lorry to Felixstowe, a ship to Mombassa and into the hands of a grateful recipient.

Hallelujah! Another family off charity and into work.

What can you give?  What have you got laying around going rusty that could be earning its keep in Africa?  No tools/sewing machines/knitting machines, how about that blanket you never use, it can get very cold at night in Kenya.  Last years spectacles, an old phone, pre-decimal and foreign (or even real) currency, all could be put to use.  Think of the joy such a gift could bring and at the same time de-cluttering your house, a win-win situation!

This last year we sent 21 containers to Africa, several years ago it cost £3000 for each of them, I expect it will cost more now or am I being pessimistic?  On the 3rd August, a hot day, a container was filled with 113 sewing machines, 20 treadle machines and another 20 in flat-pack, some stacking chairs and many other things, all bound for Kenya.  We fill them, front to back, floor to ceiling and so that we don’t litter Africa with polystyrene we use baby clothes, blankets and haberdashery to fill the gaps.

The previous one, on its way to Uganda had amongst other things 51 manual sewing machines, 76 electric ones, 51 carpentry kits, 30 typewriters, 35 boxes of material for the sewing machines and 28 kits for builders, enough to give employment to 505 people.

Maybe you would like to help school children, for about £6 you could fill one of our scholar packs to give a child a pen, pencil etc.  In many schools the only pen is the one the teacher has; can you imagine living like this?

If you would like to help have a word with me, Derek Brain, either in Church or on 511229.

Thank you.