Dr Felicity MussellI got back to Lamb Hospital on November 15th, after my trip to India with my colleague Dr. Kris Prenger and 2 of her  sisters.  We had a great time visiting the Taj Mahal, and many other forts, palaces and places of interest! My flight from Delhi to Dhaka was delayed by 3 hours, and the following day there was a “hartal” in Bangladesh (a sort of strike where there is no transport  - it is a sort of political protest called by the opposition party), so we could not travel to Lamb that day.  It did give me a chance to do a few things in Dhaka! I’ve now been back at Lamb for nearly 2 months, and am continuing to settle back in and adjust to the various changes that have occurred while I was away on Home Assignment.   Perhaps the biggest change for me personally is where I now live.  The little house where I lived for 10 years was knocked down while I was in UK (it was old and needed to come down), but sadly there is as yet no sign of the new building that is due to be erected on the same site.   Currently I have a room in a house which is shared by 4 single ladies, one of whom has just returned to Australia permanently, so I shall be moving to her room shortly.
There are plenty of staff changes as usual!  We have had several expat obstetric/gynae doctors arrive since I left, 2 short-term (1 of whom leaves next week) and 2 long-term, so that is a much better situation than before.  We were extremely short of Bangladeshi junior doctors in December, as 2 had left and one was on maternity leave, but 2 new ones started at beginning of January, so please pray these will quickly settle in to our team and enjoy working at Lamb. One big encouragement is that we have a new pastor for our little church at Lamb.  He is very enthusiastic, and preaches very well.  Please pray our congregation will respond to his challenging preaching. It’s winter here, but not nearly as cold as in UK – no snow for us!  But Bangladeshis really suffer from the cold – there is no heating in the houses. Wishing you all a Happy New Year!

Dr Felicity Mussell