I hope you all had a peaceful Christmas break and wish you a joyful New Year. It’s now time to start carrying out those New Year’s thoughts that we all optimistically make after a few glasses of bubbly when the clock strikes 12! 
I think it’s time to do something realistic.  Why not join me and the Eco team in focusing your 2011 on saving more energy and water in the home.  Saving energy and looking at your carbon footprint is a great New Year`s commitment to make for many reasons!  It will help save Gods Creation, help the environment and the repairing world, and in turn can save you money, and it is achievable!

Tips from the eco-group this month.

Time it right and have a cosy bedtime

Time your heating to reduce in temperature 30 minutes before you leave the house, and increase in temperature 30 minutes before you come home.  Try and keep your home at an even, comfortable temperature during the day and evening (between 20-21?c).  When that cosy bedtime comes, time your heating to reduce in temperature 30 minutes before going to bed and leave at a constant low temperature over night (between 16-18 ?c), use a thicker duvet to keep you warm.  If you feel the cold use feet warmers, neck warmers, body wrappers or even a snuggle microwavable hottie all made with natural wheat and some have even pure essential oils incorporated, just pop in the microwave, and use time and time again.  Time your heating to increase in temperature 30 minutes before you get up in a morning.  I would strongly urge everyone to run their heating as above and boost a sitting room with a separate fire as and when needed or use feet warmers, as this way has been recognised as the most efficient way for heating a home.  If anyone thinks they are saving energy by turning their heating off altogether at night, then think again.  This causes your boiler to have hours of burnoff time and is most costly. Creating an even efficient temperature is far more economical. Door Draught ExcluderDoor Draught Excluder - slide one under your door to stop draughts

This clever draught excluder for doors stops draughts and keeps warm air in your living areas.

It will reduce your heating costs and save energy. Easy to fit without any screws or drilling - just slide under the door - it will work with all current door sizes.