A Sacred Cosmos?
We are used to some people who have no faith in God spouting their views that science proves them right.  In fact, Science does no such thing.  It provides a way of understanding how the world works and although it seeks measurement and precision in maths you do not need mathematics to understand its discoveries. However, it does leave questions which it cannot answer and how those questions are answered depends upon what you already believe.  So if we have a faith in God we should be able to look at the explanations of modern science and ask how it affects our understanding and worship of God.
We are putting on four evenings at Christ Church on Sunday evenings at 6.30pm to look at how science is not so much a challenge to our faith but how it can help us.  Terry Baillie, with his background in science, will be running the evenings.  They will attempt in giving us reasons to deepen our trust in God and feeding the wonder and worship we can offer.  They will be different to our normal Sunday evenings by beginning with a presentation explaining an aspect of current scientific thinking.  They will be aimed at the non-scientist and will not involve doing maths.  We will aim at those who are of Secondary School age and above even if your knowledge of science stopped fifty years ago.  They will seek to show how current scientific theories can help our understanding of our God.  It will lead us into a time of worship designed to reflect on what we have been thinking about. Each evening will stand alone but the four evenings together will give a fuller understanding.
We hope as many as possible will join us but it would be useful to know the numbers coming.  Just let the Parish Office know.
September 11th   What are we made of? (Atomic Physics)
September 18th    Where did we come from? (Astrophysics)
September 25th    What are you like? (Evolution)
October 2nd      How long have I got? (Ecology)